Note from lead instructor of Grow U, Stephanie Scheller

Why a phone selling course?

Entrepreneurs today, as a rule of thumb, are resistant to phone selling, especially cold calling. There is a belief that it comes from a different era and that it's no longer effective. I believe that mindset was adopted because there is just not enough good information on how to sell over the phone! There is an incredible amount of anxiety surrounding phone selling and too many business owner's self-sabotage their growth by avoiding it! Truth is, making cold calls is the quickest way to land clients when you're getting started in business and the ability to close deals over the phone is the quickest way to scale. Eliminate the travel from appointment to appointment! Eliminate the lost time in traffic! It's time to take back phone selling!

Course Topics

  • 1

    Get in the Right Mindset

    • Welcome!

    • Use the Chameleon Circuit

    • Leverage Music

    • Body Language for Motivation

    • Close the Windows (not to your office)

    • Take Note

  • 2

    Phone Selling Scripting

    • The Power of Scripting

    • Set Up Your Agenda

    • Positively Impactful!

    • When to Script

    • The Essence of the Script

    • Write Your Scripts

  • 3

    Follow the Process!

    • The Process

    • Know Your Close

  • 4

    Advanced Selling

    • This Positively Counts!

    • The Badmouth Bad Game!

    • The problem with apologies...

    • Leverage Availability

  • 5

    The Final Lesson

    • Finale

  • 6

    Tips to Remember

    • Tip #1

    • Tip #2

    • Tip #3

  • 7


Bonus material

  • Fine tune your cold call technique with Grow Disrupt's Queen of Cold Calling and outbound sales, Rachel!

    $150 value

    At the completion of the Cold Calling Course, you will be provided a link to Rachel's own private calendar to book your 1 on 1 consultation to fine tune the information you've obtained within the course material.

  • Live Workshop Replay

    $39.97 value

    You have the opportunity to experience one of Stephanie's phone selling workshops on your terms with the luxury of rewinding to catch the pieces you want to hear again or pausing while you jot down notes.

  • Activity Tracker


    What get's measured, get's improved! Our proven activity tracker tool & recording on How to Implement will accelerate your sales results! Audit and motivate yourself every week to maximize your results!

Phone selling doesn't have to be a struggle.

You no longer have to figure it out alone. Join the team in leveling up your phone selling course, with hands on help.

Social proof: testimonials

“Rachel has transformed phone selling into an art form. Within 6 months, she has performed thousands of potential client touches and has filled my schedule double what it was before she began working on my team. Her skills are sought after by many outside companies. Her skills are so profound impact that she has rightfully earned the title of the "Cold Calling Queen". ”


“Before taking the Phone Selling course, I had no idea why I was so unsuccessful during calls. I was so completely ill-prepared but now that I have the action steps from Stephanie and coaching from Rachel I have an entire system to dominate during calls. ”


Course Coach

Stephanie Scheller


Stephanie Scheller may be young but she has worked with more than 2500 businesses and thousands of individuals in the past six years! At 25 years old, she took an opportunity to implement the same systems & concepts she teaches to build a business from scratch in only four months, replaced her income from her job and took over as the full-time CEO of what is now Grow Disrupt, a company dedicated to disrupting the way the world goes into business through sales, marketing & systems. Grow Disrupt uses a combination of Stephanie's speaking, published books, masterminds, coaching and seminars to effect change in the world. Stephanie is passionate about bringing the opportunity for success to a wider audience. She has gone from extreme lows, battling depression, anxiety, and apathy and realized that there are better options to life. That passion is evident in every piece of her life and bursts through on the stage to bring life to any audience.

Rachel Walker

Rachel is a highly focused, driven member of our team. As our outbound content coordinator and the queen of Stephanie's calendar, Rachel has proven a tenacious talent for staying in touch & ensuring we are always there for our clients and circle, no matter what they are going through. Rachel lives in Northern California and takes every opportunity to get out into nature & reconnect. She is a proud mother, former event coordinator, and now an extremely valuable member of our team.