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  • 1 Month of Marketing 101

    $97 value

    Building out your target market is only a piece of the puzzle! Our Marketing 101 course will walk you through the details of the other core pieces of marketing that you need to make your marketing stand out and we're including a month of access absolutely free just for joining us for the Live masterclass!

    Included with your $97 purchase
  • Target Market Review by Stephanie

    $750 value

    Stephanie will personally review & provide feedback or suggestions either on how to flesh out the target market in more detail, or how to use your target market effectively for all individuals who complete a target market within 30 days of the masterclass!

    Included with your $97 purchase

"I've created the class I needed, at the price point I would have been able to afford, when I first started my business!" - Stephanie

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    The Masterclass

    • The Masterclass (Recording)

    • Resource Websites & Questions to Ask

    • B2B Target Market Template

    • B2C Target Market Template

    • Powerpoint-Masterclass

    • Sample (Truncated) Marketing Plan

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    • How to Redeem Your Target Market Review!

    • Got Questions?


Still on the fence? C'mon, it's just $97! Read some reviews from some of Steph's past students & clients!

“That was such a great master class! I learned so much and it made think about who we need to reach out to. I know I have watched your other videos, but for some reason, this really help put into perspective. We HAVE to do the Target Marketing. Seriously, taking that class really put this in perspective for me. I can see why it is so important to do. ”

Allie P.

“Mind blown! :D”

Robert D.

“ The Target Market Master Class was excellent! [...] I'm excited about how much I'm learning from joining [Grow U]. I'm getting great information and feeling less intimidated about the different phases of starting and growing a business. Thank you for making the journey easier. ”

Ethel W.

“The class was a great experience and I liked the format of the content and it was easy to follow the presentation. It was relevant to any phase of your business. It was helpful to me to learn how to search various sources to create your target market and about creating your marketing message.”

Anonymous on Masterclass Feedback Form

“Thank you very much for the informative and uplifting course.”

Jennie A.

“It was a lot of great information and I feel like I have the tools to try it on my own. ”

Anonymous on Masterclass Feedback Form

“I received more than I expected!”

Anonymous on Masterclass Feedback Form

“[I'm] excited about the Go-To sites resource! That was one of our main questions! ”

Madison H.


  • When is this taking place?

    The live masterclass already took place! But it was recorded and the recording is available at your leisure! Sign up now and & watch later, or sign up now & watch now! It's 100% up to you!

  • Wait...so what happens if I can't attend live? Do I just miss out?

    Nope! We recorded the whole thing, including the Q&A portion so you didn't miss a single thing!

  • What if I have follow-up questions?

    No problem! There's a process inside the course for submitting additional questions to get the answers you need to make this simple!

  • What questions will you answer?

    What information you need to create a target market that makes marketing easier & more effective?

    Where to go to get that information?

    Can you have more than 1 target market?

    What to do differently for a B2B target market versus B2C?

    Can I have a B2B and B2C target market?

    Is there a way to look back if you have an existing business and try and figure out the demographics of your buyers?

    What’s the best way to find out where they hangout online?

    Where do you pull aspirations/dislike from?

    How do you find out who is influencing your target market?

    Should you actively target all your target markets at once, or one at a time?

    How much time do you need for your marketing each week?

    Should my marketing message be the same for each target market?

    And many, many more!

Why do you need this?

Hey! Steph here.

I've been behind the scenes with 2500+ small businesses over the past 7 years.
I've personally worked on more than 800 marketing campaigns and had the opportunity to see what works and what doesn't and I'm done with sitting around and letting small business owners think that great marketing is just for the big guys!
It’s time to level the playing field.

The first thing I do with every account I start work on for marketing is to develop an insanely detailed target market! I've heard every question going through your head right now, and dealt with countless businesses that swore there was no way they could get to the information I told them they needed!

For less than the cost of dinner for you and your friends, I want to help you get access to the same “secrets” that the big companies use to accelerate their marketing!
I’m so confident this thing is going to knock your socks off, I’m dropping a no-questions-asked guarantee on this one! Make the investment in yourself and in your future!

You’re worth it. Your business is worth it. Your future is worth it!
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