Why Sales 101?

Sales 101 is the combined data of over 2,500 effective sales processes from small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Sales 101 is the combined data of over 2,500 effective sales processes from small businesses and entrepreneurs. Lead trainer, Stephanie Scheller compiled the data from the development of those sales process and studied them to create a process that is proven to be effective with zero discrimination to industry, niche or business size.

Tap into the experience of over 2,500 success sales processes

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome Video
  • 2
    Mindset of a Sales Champion
    • Defining Sales Champion
    • Everything is Sales
    • Sales Definition
    • The Power of Beliefs
    • The ABL's of Sales
    • Increase Sales 10%+ with This Mindset!
    • The Sales Process
  • 3
    The Secret Weapon to Sales
    • Why Use Scripts
    • The Essence of the Script
    • When to Script
    • Write Your Scripts
  • 4
    Lead Generation
    • Mindset: Lead generation is a Verb
    • Mindset: Endless Leads
    • Mindset: Leads Can Generate Themselves
    • Mindset: Stop Selling!
    • Mindset: What is a Lead?
    • Technique: How to Eliminate the Roller Coaster of Sales
    • Technique: Networking: The Elevator Pitch
    • Technique: Networking: The Golden Bullet
    • Technique: Networking: The Purpose
    • Technique: Referrals: Why We Refer
    • Technique: Referrals: The Process
    • Technique: The RRR
    • Technique: How to Build an RRR
    • Technique: What To Do If The RRR Goes Bad
    • Technique: Traditional Advertising
    • Technique: Lists
    • Technique: Content Marketing
    • Technique: Fishbowl
    • Technique: Follow Your Money
    • Technique: POI
    • Technique: Social Media
  • 5
    Landing Pages for Lead Generation
    • Technique: Landing Pages
    • Introduction to Guest Trainer, Kris V
    • Kris V. Introduces Click Funnels
    • Preview of Building & Managing
  • 6
    Appointment Setting
    • Mindset: More Appointments
    • Mindset: The Value of the Appointment
    • Mindset: Setting Goals
    • Technique: The Appointment Setting Script
  • 7
    Building Trust & Rapport
    • Mindset: Why Trust & Rapport Matter
    • Technique: Building Rapport Through Humor
    • Technique: Simple Steps
    • Technique: Do What You Say
    • Technique: Do Something Nice
    • Technique: Mirroring
  • 8
    Identifying Customer Needs
    • Mindset: Don't Wing It
    • Technique: Know Your Benefits
    • Technique: Two Types of Needs
    • Technique: Open-Ended Questions
    • Technique: Probing Statements
  • 9
    Share the Benefits
    • Mindset: Why Benefits Matter
    • Technique: Features
    • Technique: Benefits
    • Technique: B.O.B.
  • 10
    Closing The Sale
    • Mindset: #1 Closing Tip
    • Technique: #2 Closing Tip
    • Technique: Follow A Script
  • 11
    Handling Objections
    • Mindset: Expect Them To Object
    • Mindset: Common Objections
    • Technique: The Process
    • Technique: Tell a Story
    • Technique: Isolate
    • Technique: Solve the Problem
    • Technique: Investigate
    • Technique: Ask Questions
    • Technique: Before It Comes Up
    • Technique: Reduce the Risk
    • Technique: Reiterate the Benefits
  • 12
    Follow Up
    • Mindset: Keep Following Up
    • Mindset: Two Times to Follow Up
    • Technique: Contacts v. Touches
    • Technique: Use Systems
    • Technique: The What-If Script
    • Technique: Keys to Follow Up Success Overview
    • Technique: Be Persistent & Let Them Know
    • Technique: Techniques For Follow Up
    • Technique: Three Needed Systems
    • Technique: Rapport Script to Use
  • 13
    Advanced Selling Techniques
    • What is advanced Selling?
    • Creating a Sales Funnel
    • Use Stage Selling
    • Baseline Strategy
    • Setting & Tracking Sales Goals
    • Advanced Sales Funnel Training

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  • Stephanie Scheller

    Stephanie Scheller


    Stephanie Scheller may be young but she has worked with more than 700 businesses and thousands of individuals in the past six years! At 25 years old, she took an opportunity to implement the same systems & concepts she teaches to build a business from scratch in only four months, replaced her income from her job and took over as the full-time CEO of what is now Grow Disrupt, a company dedicated to disrupting the way the world goes into business through sales, marketing & systems. Grow Disrupt uses a combination of Stephanie's speaking, published books, masterminds, coaching and seminars to effect change in the world. Stephanie is passionate about bringing the opportunity for success to a wider audience. She has gone from extreme lows, battling depression, anxiety, and apathy and realized that there are better options to life. That passion is evident in every piece of her life and bursts through on the stage to bring life to any audience.